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PTFE  Labware

A complete range of  PTFE Labware, icluding Containers, stirrers, temperature probes, valves, connectors and tubing.

Megantech is the distributor in Poland  for the worlds leading specialist for the design and manufacture of PTFE Laboratory Products, including:-  PTFE Labware and PTFE Process Chemistry Equipment.

All items are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK by   Cowie Ltd. The PTFE used in the manufacture of Cowie® PTFE Laboratory Products is pure, virgin material which conforms to FDA and USP Class VI requirements.


PTFE is the material of choice for -

Chemical Resistance

The chemical resistance of PTFE is almost total over its working temperature range. Reaction is  limited to some compounds with free electrons such as sodium in liquid ammonia and some fluorine compounds at high temperature and pressure. Halogens will penetrate PTFE but without apparent reaction.

Thermal Stability
The thermal stability of PTFE is outstanding. The material can be used to ca. 280˚C yet there is no embrittlement in liquid helium. Thermal degradation does not commence until about 400˚C. PTFE does not melt to form a liquid phase.

Insolubility & Purity
The PTFE we use conforms to USP Class VI and  FDA requirements and is intrinsically pure and contains no additives. PTFE is insoluble in all known solvents except under extremes of pressure and temperature and will not contaminate media by  dissolution.

PTFE can be sterilised by all usual means except gamma radiation.
The range on PTFE Labware is a cost effective and easy to use alternate to glassware. All products are designed and manufactured in accordance with  BS EN ISO9001:2008.